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Hero Sneak Peek: Stormguard Archer Kestrel

Hero Sneak Peek: Stormguard Archer Kestrel

  • Vainglory
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  • Nov 21, 2015


At any given time, there are multiple Vainglory heroes in various stages of development. Today, we take a look at Vainglory’s next hero: the archer Kestrel. This is the second hero introduced from the elite fighting force called the Stormguard, with Catherine famously being the first. Kestrel is still in testing and anything or everything could change before her release.


Kestrel is still in development. During this process, abilities may change slightly — or change dramatically — depending on what the designers learn through the testing process.

Kestrel gains increased attack speed and decreased energy costs on her abilities each time she lands a basic attack. This stacks several times times and falls off rapidly if she stops landing attacks.

Kestrel fires a skillshot arrow. This impacts the first target in a line, dealing weapon and crystal damage and applying on-hit effects. Kestrel keeps several Halcyon Arrows in reserve for successive shots.

Kestrel briefly becomes invisible and gains bonus move speed.
She also leaves behind a mist invisible to enemies at the location where she activates stealth. If an enemy moves into this mist and Kestrel lands an attack or ability on them, the mist will detonate, briefly stunning and dealing crystal damage to all enemies within it.

STORM SNIPE (Global Ultimate)
After preparing her shot with an energy scope, Kestrel releases an arrow that instantly pierces across the Fold. This deals both weapon and crystal damage to heroes and objectives along its path. The cooldown for this ability is greatly reduced if it lands on an enemy within a mist trap.


Hero designer Ciderhelm

“With Kestrel, our goal is to deliver on two fantasies: When playing weapon, you’ll become a predator, staying near your targets and using brief bursts of stealth to weave through combat as you line up your arrows. Crystal Kestrel benefits from longer stealth durations, allowing her to lean more heavily into her traps as she sets up long-range sniper shots.”

Kestrel is coming next to Vainglory. Again, all abilities are subject to change based on the testing process.