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  • Dec 11, 2018


Major Changes to Sunlight Leveling, Battle Pass

Winter Season brings some exciting changes to the Battle Pass & seasonal Sunlight progression system!


While we felt pretty good about the rewards players could earn in Autumn 2018, we heard that some players weren’t feeling like the Battle Pass was a good pickup until pretty late in the season. We want Battle Pass to feel like a no-brainer from the start, so we’re making sure that the Winter Battle Pass has awesome rewards throughout – and much earlier!

We’re adding a brand-new skin at Battle Pass Level 1: Masquerade Magnus (Rare). Masquerade Magnus will remain exclusive to the Battle Pass throughout the Winter Season. You’ll also start getting cooler stuff sooner — For example, Gold Chests, not available until level 69 in Autumn, are available in this season’s Battle Pass starting at level 21! We also heard from players that they had too much Essence and not enough Blueprints, so we added some Blueprints (one Rare, one Epic, and one Legendary) to the Battle Pass and two additional Blueprints chests to the Free Pass. As always, the Battle Pass will feature an awesome skin at Level 100 — This season, you’ll be able to earn the ultra-sleek Black Diamond Gwen (SE). Oh, and we threw in the Hero Idris for good measure – one of our favorites and easily the most flexible hero in the game, good in any game mode, whether you like to build Weapon or Crystal. (Standard 20 Opal duplicate reward applies if you already own Idris.)

tl;dr for a mere 1250 ICE you’ll get:

      • 1425 ICE
      • New Masquerade Magnus skin at Battle Pass Level 1
      • Black Diamond Gwen skin at Battle Pass Level 100
      • Cooler stuff sooner throughout
      • More Blueprints and Blueprint Chests
      • Idris
      • Tons of chests, Social Pings, and other rewards with a total value of over 22000 ICE


Up until now, Sunlight Levels have been tuned to require more Sunlight per level as a player climbed in level. For example, it only required 60 Sunlight to advance from Level 1 to Level 2, whereas advancing from Level 99 to 100 required 960 Sunlight. This kind of tuning is great for giving you an early feeling of progress, but it made it really difficult for players to gauge how much more work they had ahead of them to complete their passes. This season, all levels will require 1000 Sunlight. We are increasing the per-minute sunlight and adding a number of shiny-new sources of Sunlight to compensate. Read on for details.


Are you tired of playing Blitz with the same hero, over and over, just because you’ve got their high-tier Skin, in order to maximize your Sunlight earning per minute? Yeah, we are too. So we’re killing that. With fire. Here are the details:

Sunlight Modifier on Skins: GONE

First off, we’re removing all Sunlight modifiers from Skins. This was an interesting system back when we had a tiered Skins system, but the Sunlight modifier system was never explained in-app (the number of online posts we see asking how this works is pretty embarrassing) and was at best a half-finished thought, if we’re being really generous. So, we’re going to replace it with better things, including Event-specific bonuses for showing off your Skins in a few matches. That’s right – Events this Season will continue to be Sunlight-packed, even if the days have gotten DARKER!

Sunlight Events: STILL A THING

In Update 3.8, we made weekends awesome with Sunlight For Darkening Days, a series of in-game events that paid huge Sunlight dividends to players who participated that weekend. We’ll keep Sunlight-soaked events throughout this season, too, starting with the very first weekend of 3.9. These will be the biggest sources of Sunlight, so you won’t want to miss them. Battle Pass holders will be eligible for bonus Sunlight rewards (think “5+ Sunlight Levels in a weekend”), so you’ll want to lock that Battle Pass in early. We’re also continuing the Sunlight drip in players’ Free Chests — 60 Sunlight, up to four times daily… That’s more than 20 Sunlight Levels in the season, just for showing up.

First Win Sunlight Bonus: NEW AND AWESOME

This season, to finally end Battle Pass Burnout™, we’re awarding 250 Sunlight in Spoils of War for the first win of each day. Oh, and by the way, that’s SPOILS Sunlight, so it’s subject to boosts… Double Sunlight + All Access Pass + FWOTD? That’s a crazy 625 Sunlight – nearly one full level – for one match. We’re also upping the amount of Sunlight per minute and tuning them to ensure consistency across game modes, so you won’t be penalized if you prefer to grind out Sunlight in 5v5 instead of Blitz. That said, if you’re trying to get to Level 100 by grinding match after match, you’re probably doing it wrong. This winter, consistency is the key to success.

Claim free chests regularly = GOOD
Win a match each day = BETTER
Complete weekly Events = BEST

Example Sunlight Rewards

Still scratching your head on what this all means for you, in your daily experience of Vainglory? Let’s help you out. Here are some examples of what we’re looking to do for players this season:

Player collects all Free Chests → 20+ Levels

Player gets FWOTD every day → 20+ Levels

Player completes every event → 30+ Levels

Player earns Battle Pass exclusive rewards for every event → 30+ Levels

Play additional matches, use boosts, etc. → LIMITLESS

This season, we’re letting you play Vainglory your way. And if you want the coolest rewards, Battle Pass is a no-brainer. Of course, we’ll be monitoring player progression throughout the season and may make some adjustments over time, but we’re confident that this season will be the most rewarding yet.